Fantastic First Fifty from Year 5

One dark, stormy night, lightning filled the air with light. Beyond that, you could see a little shack with the tiniest of lights on. A little boy called Pete was sitting on his window sill. Pete had short, silky, brown hair and bright blue eyes. He sat there, knowing that something was coming for him. 


The girl sat outside in the rain. Her thick, wild, black hair was flying in the wind. She was pale from fighting that hydra. The acid had ruined her bronze plated armour and scorched the ends of her hair. She was tired and felt like sleeping right there and then but her friends were counting on her. She had to make it. 


His head looked like a boiled egg and his wrinkles marked the concentration on his face. He was like an eagle, not taking his eyes off his prey. He wore spectacles, behind them were eyes as brown as a grizzly bear’s fur and his moustache was as white as snow.    


Dead at night, the dry orange leaves were being pushed by the eerie mist. All of the houses were as dark as a panther, all except one. On 12 Sunny Street, one house had light shimmering in the window. The old professor was concentrating on his most difficult assignment. But who gave him this assignment? He was concentrating as hard as a lion about to catch his prey. Would he be able to finish his assignment? 


The man is dragged with force down the hallway, blindfolded and handcuffed. He has no idea what is going on. The door opens and he is chucked in. The interviewer is waiting for him, pen and paper ready. The door shuts.                                                                                                                                                              

“Why, hello there Mr Smith. I’ve been expecting you.” 


It was the most important day of Callum’s life. The athletic boy, with fire-blond hair, stood on the centre circle on the pitch at Burton Albion. He was a nervous wreck and his heart was beating like a drum. At the age of 19, Callum was about to play his first professional game.