Mother Nature’s warning by Becca (8KV)

Hello, my name is Mother Nature

I made a world that was nice and green.

Then along came the human race,

and made the biggest mess I’ve seen.


I made some lovely big blue seas

so that life on Earth could start.

But then I came to realise

how much you humans fart.


You think your trumps are funny,

but they’re clogging up the air

And you’re making too much greenhouse gas,

yet you just don’t seem to even care.


You’ve made so many bad inventions,

things you like to call fantastic.

Like all those thirsty motor cars

and the stuff that you call plastic.


I’ve tried to give you warnings.

I’ve sent down heavy winds and rain,

and if you don’t start to change your ways,

 then, I’ll send them all again.


The thick green forests are the lungs,

they give the oxygen that you need.

But you would rather cut them down

to make room for cows to feed.


Why can’t you just recycle stuff?

It’s really not that hard.

Instead of making plastic things, 

try making them from card. 


It’s time you began to realise

the earth is not yours to keep.

There used to be some animals

that your ways have put to sleep.


So, if you don’t start listening,

then the human race will die.

And as you’re standing at deaths door,

Well, global warming was no lie.