Poem by Jake Allen (11CJE)

(P)eople, this is a calling to everyone – we are a virus that plagues
(O)ur host, causing extreme fevers and heat, making it sick, and killing all else that
(L)ives on our home. Every day we throw waste in the water, release deadly gases into the atmosphere, doom multitudes of
(L)iving species, and take one step closer to an inhospitable barren world. And who’s fault is that?
(U)nless we do something, there is no future.
(T)ogether – we must work together. One straw less from each person thrown into the sea
(I)s eight billion less straws. That’s almost eight billion turtles more we can save.
(O)ur job – no, our duty and responsibility is to protect the planet, and reverse our self-inflicted wounds. When can we start?
(N)ow. We all start contributing now. Before it’s too late.