Demise by Isobel Reay


The world. A circular blue orb that holds captive humanity. An orb that reflects dignity, kindness, difference and subdues reckless nature. An orb that now portrays our win. Our win on destroying such a magnificent spectacle. We wanted this, right? We did everything we could to hurt our earth leaving it with no time to replenish… didn’t we do this on purpose?

Beautiful green plains are now in trouble. Circling the perimeter, golden spheroids of iridescent light ploughed their way through the trees only to rest in the centre of the green giant’s city. Arms outstretched ready to attack at any singular moment whilst green envelopes which unfold the life of such a beast lay at the chest of these havoc ridden creatures. Trees gathered as one creating a curlicued canopy home for all awe-inspiring animals. Ornate vines intertwined with each other and set up a path for the millions of inhabitants that the trees held dearly, whilst hawks that screeched their chiming calls danced through the lapis lazuli puddle. Recognizing the magical colours surrounding just the brim of the forest like a kid in a candy store eyes opened wide, and lips quivered as shards of all shades stabbed their way through the heart of the forest finding their way back home. Vivid hues patterned the base of such a brief encounter and unlocked the hoarding treasure chest. Blues, purples, reds, greens, oranges, and yellows are all packed into such a short amount of space. Trickling water seeped through the ever-growing mass of violet flowers as a small stream made itself visible. The stream itself held captive the lives of many different creatures that preferred to remain hidden under sudden pressure.

Smoke permeated the air like a volcanic eruption, orange bursts of rapid moving fire escaped the grasps of the men which helped this sudden outburst. Animals crying, screaming in pain as their homes were being torn down by the fiery colossus. Water spewing in every direction barely calming down the storm as the sunset expanded, burning every inch of what was left from the previously cut down forest. Climate change.

Variants of many blues swam in vast amounts of water creating a distant Ombre effect as animals dived within the deep blue world beneath the surface. Clear as glass the sea shone through the sunlight like a beacon of hope and forwarded the distinct definition of beauty. Rocky guards took charge of keeping the crashing water at bay as it forcefully bashed against their sides and snapped against the current. Foamy pools circulated within the glass like newly poured wine and seized the ashen sand swirling it around within its grasps creating a picture of shell faces. As the sun rose the pigmented purples peaches and soft shimmering reds reflected against the sheeny water melting into the deep blue’s devising a perfectly painted picture. Palm trees populated around the edge of the beach infecting the previously clear water with viridescent leaves that tell a story of their own as they natter away with the ocean on their newly proclaimed journey. Prepossessing coral reefs dazzled the eye at how unbelievably pulchritudinous they were. Small spikes that settle on peachy rock otherwise smothered in variants of coloured coral stuck out like shards of ice ready to impale by passers. Spaghetti like strands of yellow earth enveloped the ocean floor letting small blue fish encompass it and rest on its hair. Intense red fish danced around the coral gathering, intruding in on the party whilst moping purple fish that looked constantly down swam around in their usual slow manor. Leopard print fish dashed around and matched the same speed as its matching print friend on land and slim bright blue fish hid within small crevices of the coral. All so incredibly full of life.

The ocean is being suffocated in masses Apon masses of litter, plastic, glass and unwanted things. Killing everything within its path. Animals being strangled by cans and turtles dying from straws. Fish being forced out of there natural habitats; coral reefs being stripped of colour and life. Flooding, death, destruction and pain now fills the place animals used to call home. Now all it is, is a rubbish dump for heartless creatures, Humanity. Climate change.

Swarms of pale white mixture lay on the ground. White palaces are made, as snow coruscates through the air dancing across the trail of light. Piercing blue shards of triangular snow adorn the colourless valley as colossal mountains drenched in the mixture make themselves known. Vast, bland and dangerous, the artic home to incredible beasts is among one of the most charismatic sites. Fluffy clouds make way across the sky and azure water peacefully moves creating a tranquil environment. Ferocious white bears travel across the ice occasionally, dipping into the water swiftly moving around like a bigger version of a penguin, almost smiling as it rejoices in its natural habitat. The distant cries of snow crumbling and ice melting as the sun pounds its heavy heat blows. At night, millions of sparkles embellish the sky and colours of all kinds seep through the moonlight. A shower of vivid greens and blues present themselves in the most spectacular manor. Purple oozes out of the night sky to join the colour parade, only adding to its beauty.

Water, just water. Water is everywhere. That’s all that’s left now. A pool. A solemn pool of the past ice kingdom that used to reign over these parts is now gone with the lives of many animals creating an extension for the polar bears. It’s all water now, water is just what surrounds us. Climate change. The way we see and witness our world today will not be how we see it in the future, this orb that provides us with everything we hold, dear, with life and we have destroyed it. We need to understand the importance of our: animals, factory usage and climate change. Wouldn’t it have been better if we were never here…