Fantastic First Fifty from Year 2

Minecraft Madness

There was a huge thunder storm, lightning struck the house, BANG!  Holly and Ben got knocked out.  When they woke up everything looked weird.  They shouted for mum and dad “Where are you?”

“That sounds like a zombie moaning!” whispered Ben.

“I think we’re stuck in Minecraft, Ben!” Holly whispered back.

Ethan Year 2 Rykneld Primary 


I am lost.  I don’t know where I am.  I can hear a noise. What is it?  Tap … Tap … Tap.

I take a sneaky peek from my hiding place.  I remember what I had done.  I had gone and done it … I am here, at the North Pole.

Nathaniel Year 2 Rykneld Primary


Hi, I’m Eve. You may know my family as the Zig Zag family. One morning I heard a CRASH! CLANK! BOOM! It was coming from my parents’ room. I went in there and said “What’s that racket?”  “Sorry sweetie” said mum sitting on the bed. “It’s your father inventing again.”

Mia Year 2 Rykneld Primary


What’s behind The Door?

 Jane was a school girl, she was enjoying playing in the woods with her friends when she came across a mysterious door in amongst the trees.  What was behind the door? she wondered.  She plucked up the courage to push on the door. WOW!!!! It creaked open.

Sophie Year 2 Rykneld Primary 


 Hi I’m Mike and I just woke up. I heard a noise from the attic. I went up and the door creaked. I saw two glowing eyes. It was a ghost. It said “I’ve come here to haunt you.” I said “why me?” The ghost said ”You have great power.”

Nimra Year 2 Rykneld Primary


Do not go in there! Legend said if you open that door you will turn into a monster! It’s happened before. You will not be able to control yourself and you will go in the dungeon and will never be able to see the sun again and you won’t have any food!

Alex Year 2 Rykneld Primary


There were two witches, they were sisters. Tina was a good witch but Cursey was mischievous. Cursey would change everyone into slugs or make giant trees grow legs and chase everyone.  Tina would always put things right, but one day Cursey went too far with her naughty spells. She did something so bad even Tina couldn’t sort it out!

Amaya Year 2 Rykneld Primary