The girl who tried to save the world by Lauryn Wilson (Year 13)

The girl who tried to save the world


No one thought it would get this bad.

That plastic bottles would replace the sand,

Or trees would be severed from their sacred lands.


No one thought they would stoop this low

To belittle a girl trying to save the world

From the insufferable greed sending us to hell.


Because no one cares when a problem is small.

They let it sit, simmer, bubble and boil

Over, until the pot finally overflows

And the problem becomes too big for one girl to control.


And when the last animal takes its last breath,

And when the last plant withers into nothingness,

There will be no one left to grieve, to scream our regrets

Of the gift we so foolishly wasted, destroyed, left for dead.


But she knew it would get this bad,

And when the air finally suffocates the place we once called home,

Who will apologise to the girl who tried to save the world?